Tiny Dancers @ TheDC

Our “Tiny Dancers” Preschool Department is tailored to introduce little ones to the joy of dance in a welcoming, age appropriate environment.  Preschool aged dancers will learn self expression through movement, basic dance terms and technique and classroom etiquette.  Our classes are based on the early childhood dance syllabus Leap ‘n Learn™ and also included licensed music and dance from Dancely™.

Highlights of TDCs preschool dance program include:

  • Monthly themed objectives
  • Age appropriate, engaging music
  • Age Appropriate costuming
  • Level appropriate movement, material and goals
  • Mature, qualified instructors
  • Structured learning paired with time for personal creative expression
  • Introductions to a variety of movement concepts and dance genres
  • Fun and engaging class time for your child!
Which class is right for my little one?

Groovin’ with My Grown Up is a 30 minute once a week class for children aged 18-36 month old.  This class introduces toddlers to dance class along side their parent or other adult companion and features music, movement, socialization and exercise to stimulate and educate!

Creative Movers is a 45 minute class that meets once weekly for ages 3-4 years old.  Dancers wear ballet slippers, while learning a variety of terminology and technique based in ballet, with samples across other genres including tap, jazz and acrobatics.  We keep these busy little ones on their toes with awesome, original music for dance class meant to keep them engaged at the studio and singing and dancing all the way home!

Tiny Dancers is a 45 minute combination class for 5-6 year olds that meets once a week.  This class gives a more structured experience and includes time spent on both Ballet and Tap.  This class teaches proper terminology and technique while engaging little minds with creative imagery, exciting music and imaginative themes!

Tiny Tumblers is a 45 minute class that meets once a week for ages 3-6 years old. This class is also part of our acrobatics department. Tiny Tumblers learn balance, build strength, and develop basic floor gymnastic skills.

Check our current schedule for available class times.  Please do not hesitate to contact the studio if you would like to discuss appropriate placement for your child.  If you would like to schedule a trial class, start here. Ready to Register? Clock Here.