Tap Dance at TDC

Tap is taught in our Tiny Dancers classes and is offered in a combination class with jazz in our beginning and intermediate levels.  Combination classes give students exposure to multiple styles, allow us to teach complimentary concepts together, and give parents exceptional value for their tuition and costume money.

History of Tap

Tap Dance is a truly American dance Form! Many styles were merged in the 19th Century, and eventually became Tap Dance as we know it today!  Tap is series’ of percussive footwork that makes specific rhythmic patterns on the floor. Tap dancers are often considered percussionists because of this. Originally, just hard-soled shoes were used, but in 1925 metal taps were added to the bottom of the shoes for the first time. In the 1930s and 1940s dancers like Ray Bolger, Paul Draper, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers, and then Gene Kelly in the late 1950s, added movements from different styles of dance such as ballet and modern that give tap its more contemporary feel. With the rise in tap dance’s popularity, President Bush declared May 25th as National Tap Dance Day in 1989.

Miss Diane’s Blog

Visit faculty member Miss Diane Gudat’s Blog featuring lots of Tap and other dance content as well! TDC faculty are experienced tap dance educators and performers.  It is the goal of our curriculum to pass down a working knowledge of the genre’s vocabulary as well as an appreciation for the historical relevance of Tap Dance and its many styles and contributors!

Check our current schedule for available class times.  Please do not hesitate to contact the studio if you would like to discuss appropriate placement for your child.  If you are ready to register, start here.